YBell® Coaching Course

YBell® Coaching Course

The course offers foundational learning and participants learn to synchronize the body with the YBell to perform functional, yet powerful movements proven to increase mobility and overall performance.

The course design helps individuals develop a sense of mastery over the body and the YBell, and to acquire the necessary skills to incorporate these learnings into own training solutions.

This course will expand your training and YBell knowledge allowing you to create unique and highly variable workouts sessions that are designed to improve your clients’ results and increase your business earnings.

Length: 8 hours

CECs: NASM 1.1 | ACE 1.0 | Fitness Australia 10.0

Key Outcomes:

  • Know and be able to coach using various YBell grips
  • Understand how different grips relate to traditional fitness tools
  • Experience and be able to coach YBell workouts
  • Know how to vary YBell exercises to create a broad range of movements to suit all clients
  • Understand how to program YBell using the YBell Pod Programming System
  • Create your own YBell Pods
  • Become a YBell Coach