Power Block

PowerBlock - world's best dumbbell. Knowing that full set of dumbbells, can take a lot of space in gym, and that throwing traditional dumbbells can damage floor, PowerBlock started to think ways how to fix this problem. They came up with an idea to put all dumbbell set in one peace - powerblock. They have tested that product several times and tried to come up with some innovations, but understood that it is the best dumbbell all-in-one design which they can produce.

PowerBlock offers adjustable dumbbells, which save free space in gyms or personal use at home, it's easy to use and has a lot of different weight options for grate price in nowadays market. Interesting factor is - a lot of companies tried to copy them, but no one made as good product as PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are.

Save Space - Maximize Efficiency!

Founded By: Carl Towley      Headquarters: Burnsville, USA      Brand: Founded in 1993

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