Re.Formatas Paupys spordiklubi (LT)

Re.Formatas Paupys spordiklubi (LT)


Sports clubs "Re.Formatas", which stopped their activities during the 2020-2021 quarantine, will resume their work in 2021 in two new locations in Vilnius, the second of which is in the Paupys district."Both sports clubs, as before, have an exclusive interior, high-class new training equipment. We also pay special attention to group training. When reopening, we chose extremely attractive places and prices," says Ramūnas Grušas, head of sports activities.New sports hall is 1000 sq.m. large. It is possible to exercise there in six group or individual training areas.Gfitness helped re-install new cardio units from Life Fitness and Assault Fitness, Escape Fitness frame and SynRgy functional frame, free weights from Escape Fitness and Xenios, functional fitness and recovery equipment from Escape Fitness, TRX, BOSU, TOGU and TriggerPoint.




Country: Lithuania

Address: Aukštaičių g. 7, Vilnius


Open: 2021