EVHS spordiklubi (LV)

May 26, 2022

EVHS spordiklubi (LV)


The Edmunds Vasiljevs Hockey School Fitness Centre is located in Jurmala and is one of our 2013 projects. The gym is designed to improve the physical fitness of young hockey players, as well as to provide more fitness opportunities for the people of Jurmala. We contributed to this project with the design and installation of all fitness equipment, starting with Pavigym functional flooring, Life Fitness exercise equipment - cycle machines, treadmills and elliptical machines, Reebok exercise balls, Airex mats. To give full functionality the fitness club also has TRX Suspension Systems and TRX RIP Trainer, as well as a BOSU balance platform. Several Swedish walls are attached to the walls. This fitness gym stands out for its functionality, providing everything from cardio workouts, strength training and the latest global fitness hit - functional training - in a relatively small space.


Country: Latvia

Place: Jurmala, Lienes iela 16/8

Opening date: 16.01.2013