Re. Formatas spordiklubi (LT)

Re. Formatas spordiklubi (LT)


Re.Formatas - a new-generation sports club in the heart of Vilnius. The club is divided into six zones equipped with the new Life Fitness Elevation series treadmills with Discover ™ SE consoles, Insignia series strength training machines, Concept2 indoor rowing and skiing machines and Assault Fitness Airruner and Airbike. 
You will also find the Life Fitness Training Station Synrgy360ICG indoor exercise bikeTRX suspension trainers, and the Escape Fitness Octagon frame with boxing punch bags.
If you use your MYZONE belt in your daily workout routine to track your performance during your workout, you will find a screen at RE.FORMATAS where you will be able to track your heart rate during your workout.

Re.Formatas is a sports club that is definitely worth a visit to Vilnius.


Country: Lithuania

Place: Vilnius, J. Jasinskio g. 16

Web page:

Opening date: 31.01.2019