PAVIGYM Extreme 90x90cm, 7mm, 1ST

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  • Tootja Pavigym
  • Artikkel 000087-00
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Looking for a durable and resilient flooring solution for your gym? Look no further than Pavigym Extreme - the maximum level of resistance for fitness, functional training, and free weight areas (medium loads up to 40kg). Its high resistance to impacts ensures that it doesn't show signs of wear and adds a hardcore aesthetic to your gym.

5 Reasons to choose Pavigym Extreme for your gym:

  1. High resistance against indentations, protecting against surface damage from machines and tumbling dumbbells.
  2. No migrations - chemicals won't transfer to the surface as happens with recycled rubber tiles.
  3. An anti-slip surface that prevents movement of machines and equipment for maximum safety and stability.
  4. Easy installation thanks to the interlocking system - no adhesive required. Plus, it's removable if necessary.
  5. Amazing texture with a very smooth surface that's easy to clean and maintain, making it a long-lasting investment for your gym.


  • Size: 90x90 cm
  • Thickness: 7 mm


    Pavigym - the most hygienic gym flooring on the market. They provide solutions to improve the fitness experience to its fullest. Pavigym floors are impermeable non-porous virgin rubber, antibacterial and easy to clean. Their mission is to provide the best combination of performance flooring, interactive technology, inspiring design, and the best quality flooring you can find on the nowadays market.

    Pavigym is our go to brand when we are designing new gyms, because their rubber flooring has everything needed in nowadays modern gyms - quality, hygiene, and interactivity, so more people would hop on fitness experience.

    Now is the best time to update and improve!

    Pavigym Catalogs: can be found here

    Founded By: Pedro Requena      Headquarters: Alicante, Spain      Brand: Founded in 1963



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    Technical specification

    Size 90 x 90 cm
    Thickness 7 mm
    Weight 7,2 kg
    DensityUNE-535261.200 kg/m3
    % water absorptionASTM D5700%
    Coef. linear dilatation0ºC-40ºC1,5 10-4 ºC-1
    Fire classificationEN 13501-1Cfl-s2
    Sound insulationISO 10140-315,4 dB

    Pavigym Extreme Data Sheet (PDF)


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