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  • Tootja Woodway
  • Artikkel W-CURVELTG
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The Curve LTG is designed to be a lighter version of the original non-motorized treadmill, the Woodway Curve. Woodway recognizes that many of us regular fitness users don't need all the performative aspects of the original Curve - that's where the LTG was born. The Curve LTG can be the solution for home workouts, small commercial environments, retail setups and personal training.

This product is not much different from our performance series. The design is still best-in-class and intended to maximize your health. The TPE lamella belt is still softer than the industry average and the curvature reduces wear and tear on joints, muscles and tendons.

There are no boring workouts when you zone in on a HIIT session or middle-distance run. You're in complete control. The belt is guided by your stride and cadence. The multi-user display also makes it easy to train in groups by tracking and summarizing the stats of up to 4 runners. Connect your heart rate to a range of third-party apps via Ant+ and Bluetooth.


Group/Circuit Display

Group/Circuit mode allows multiple users to track stats while training. Speed (Current/Peak/Average); Time (Total/Pace); Calories (Total/Active/Mets/ Watts). Heart Rate when paired via Bluetooth or ANT+.

Ergonomic Design

The LTG is designed to be user-friendly while maximizing health benefits. Our design puts less stress on your joints, tendons and muscle tissue. The curved uprights and non-slip side covers reduce falls and provide a stable platform to step-up or off the treadmill.

Slat Belt

The original patented Woodway slat-belt remains best-in-class, even when updated with a TPE covering. Our belt is proven to reduce shock and increase comfort over traditional treadmill belts. We optimize our products so you can optimize your workouts. The non-motorized treadmill is ideal for walking, jogging, middle distance runs, and HIIT Training.

Woodway - for those who demand the very best treadmills and equipment available. Woodway has experience of 45 years, making one of the best treadmills in quality, innovation and efficiently. Woodway is made for professional sports teams, athletes, and celebrities to optimize their workouts, train with quality, design and even comfort. Their treadmills even combine more than one treadmill types, for example - traditional and manual in one treadmill.

Woodway offers different kind of treadmills, starting from manual treadmills, which are used without electricity, continuing with traditional treadmills, and even treadmills with their own resistance. If you are looking for the best of the best, then wooday is the way to go!,

We're here for you, for the long run!

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Founded By: Willi Schoenberger      Headquarters: Waukesha, USA      Brand: Founded in 1975


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Speed -  Unlimited

Incine - Natural Curve


Width: 34″ (85 cm)

Length: 76″ (193 cm)

Height: 70″ (178 cm)



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