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  • Tootja Escape
  • Artikkel RBDB
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Despite being the entry-level option to the new Escape free weight range, these SBX dumbbells still feature the same patented 'Dual Lock Plus' process, splined press fit at three tonnes and are full penetration welded.

  • BADGE - 3D embossed micro-injection badge.
  • FIXING - Patented fixing technology.
  • EVOLUTION EDGING - Circle-to-octagon shaping inspires anti-roll confidence.
  • DURABILITY - Permanently-bonded chemlok moulded covering.


Escape Fitness - leader in the fitness field, constantly looking to push the boundaries of what is possible and make the ordinary extraordinary. Escape Fitness has been working in fitness field for more than 24 years and has built their own reputation by innovations, quality and design. Escape Fitness strength is in functional trainings, combining different fitness and sports equipment in one, for example fitness step which can be at the same time a bench.

Escape Fitness even offers wide range of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, plates and bars. Their brand has really wide range of fitness products for - gymnastics, athletes, boxing, studio trainings and even products to improve flexibility.

Now there’s support for anyone working out with Escape’s functional training equipment – in the gym, outdoors, at work or at home.

The workout app provides a pocket-sized training partner showcasing the best Escape products, and how to use them, at just the touch of a button.

Discover new ways to exercise using Escape equipment, with a few selected exercises for each item. Follow singles exercises, or take on a full workout to target strength, conditioning or total body benefits.
Available as a free download from the Apple and Android app stores.

The desire to innovate and inspire runs through everything that Escape does!

Escape Catalogs: can be found here

Founded By: Matthew Januszek      Headquarters: Ohio, USA      Brand: Founded in 1998


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