GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition

GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition
  • GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition

GymNext Flex Timer - Gym Edition

  • Производитель GymNext
  • Артикул GNEX-G-1
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GymNext Flex Timer

This is the timer your gym is missing! The GymNext Flex is a gym timer controlled by your phone via Bluetooth. This timer combines a crystal-clear LED display with an easy to use interval timer app creating the best, most powerful gym timer ever made. The compact 4" LED digits in blue/red are for more visible than your phone screen and the 85db buzzer is great for keeping you on pace. With bluetooth range of over 100 feet, you aren't tethered to the clock. We found that we preferred using our phone instead of the remote we often lost and liked the ease of programming via the app.

Why GymNext Flex Timer?

A Breeze to setup

Say goodbye to clock setup stress. You'll never worry again that you didn't set the intervals properly. With the Flex Timer's easy to use mobile apps for iOS or Android, you'll actually enjoy planning your workouts again.


Visible to everyone

With the large LED display and loud buzzer of the Flex Timer, you'll know exactly how much work you've put in and how much work you have left. Set the proper pace to maximize the benefits you get from your training.


Incredible customizability

Stop being hampered by the lack of interval options your clock can support. The Flex Timer has 7 main timer modes (Standard, Round, Interval, Tabata, EMOM, Multi-Segment, and Laps/Stopwatch) each with tons of different options to cover every interval scheme.


Go hands free

No need for your smartphone or tablet to even leave your gym bag. With Apple Watch or Android Gear, you can control your Flex Timer from your wrist for the utmost convenience.


Syncs with your bluetooth speaker

Your interval cues can be played through your speaker system alongside your workout tunes. The Flex Timer app will fade your music in and out to correspond with the cues so that you never miss the start or end of an interval again.


Train with hearth

Integrated HR monitoring comes built in with the Flex Timer meaning you can easily track your heart rate throughout your workout and use that information to ensure you reach your target zone faster and stay in your target zone longer.


Link 'em up

The Flex Timer app wirelessly synchronizes the timer display across your smartwatch, smartphone/tablet and multiple Flex Timer displays. Great for competition timing or large gyms.


The most features

  • Large LED display;
  • Mobile app controlled;
  • 10 timer modes;
  • Highly customizable;
  • Pre plan your workouts;
  • Monitor your HR;
  • Control multiple simultaneously;
  • Smart watch integration;
  • Mobile SDK


GymNext - fitness and sports technology. Their goal is to build most innovating and efficient digital display timers for athletes, coaches, instructors, officials and spectators. In 2020 they have won Home Gym Award for best interval timer. Connect their product - digital display timer - to mobile phone or computer and use it as you want, set intervals, timers, see clock and much more. This brand is used in more than 30'000 gyms all around world.

GymNext offers digital display timers which are used in home gyms, commercial gyms and even on competitions. If you are looking for grate solution for digital display timers, then this brand is as made for you.

The most advanced gym timer ever made!

Founded By: Duane Homick      Headquarters: Tiny, Canada      Brand: Founded in 2015


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 Smart fitness




 Flex Timer


 Crystal-clear LED


 10.2cm diagonal


 iOS; Android


 Līdz 95db buzzer

Bluetooth range:





 24 months



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Томас Янисте
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Карл Вассар
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