PAVIGYM Endurance S&S 90x90cm, 22mm, 1ST

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  • Производитель Pavigym
  • Артикул 005968-00
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Introducing Pavigym ENDURANCE S&S, the ultimate solution for your heavy weights area. This flooring is designed to offer comfort, thermal and sound insulation, and high resistance to marks, ensuring your gym always looks high class with limitless design possibilities.

6 reasons to choose Endurance S&S:

  1. Acoustic insulation: perfect flooring to reduce noise and vibrations, up to 21db by itself.
  2. Maximum resistance: Our 22mm flooring solution with a top layer of virgin compact rubber offers supreme density and impact resistance for heavy weights up to 150kg.
  3. No migrations: No transfer of chemicals to the surface as happens in recycled rubber tiles.
  4. Anti-slip surface: It prevents movement of machines and equipment.
  5. Easy to install: No adhesive required thanks to our interlocking system. The flooring is removable if necessary.
  6. Customization and design: Available in up to 9 colours. Personalize it with your logo or functional markings!


  • Size: 90x90 cm
  • Thickness: 22 mm

    Pavigym - the most hygienic gym flooring on the market. They provide solutions to improve the fitness experience to its fullest. Pavigym floors are impermeable non-porous virgin rubber, antibacterial and easy to clean. Their mission is to provide the best combination of performance flooring, interactive technology, inspiring design, and the best quality flooring you can find on the nowadays market.

    Pavigym is our go to brand when we are designing new gyms, because their rubber flooring has everything needed in nowadays modern gyms - quality, hygiene, and interactivity, so more people would hop on fitness experience.

    Now is the best time to update and improve!

    Pavigym Catalogs: can be found here

    Founded By: Pedro Requena      Headquarters: Alicante, Spain      Brand: Founded in 1963



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    Technical specification

    Size 90 x 90 cm
    Thickness 22 mm
    Weight 16 kg
    DensityUNE-53526900 kg/m3
    Hardnessdin 5350575º Shore A
    % water absorptionASTM D5700%
    Coef. linear dilatation0ºC-40ºC10-4 ºC-1
    Fire classificationEN 13501-1Cfl-s1
    Sound insulationISO 10140-321 dB

    Pavigym Endurance S&S Data Sheet (PDF)



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