Lifespan Treadmill TR7000iM

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  • Производитель Lifespan
  • Артикул EU-TR7000iM
  • Есть на Рижском складе: 2
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Lifespan TR7000iM Treadmill

Second to none, the TR7000iM commercial treadmill has redefined performance-grade quality. Elite in every category, these commercial grade treadmills pack a 5.0 HP AC motor, durable steel construction, and every premium feature your training program demands. The smart display enabled touchscreen allows you to mirror your favorite video content to the large display while you enjoy your workout. The 56 cm by 157 cm running deck permits full, athletic strides, while four impact-absorbing shocks replicate real-world environments that are gentle on your knees, back, and joints. Run with confidence, the LifeSpan TR7000iM professional treadmill comes with our full commercial warranty and is the perfect high-end treadmill for any home or gym setting.

Why Lifespan TR7000iM Treadmill?


Screencast your favorite YouTube Channels while working out

With the TR7000iM, you'll never have to squint at your phone screen again! Not only does it feature a high-quality 18.5" LCD HD touch screen but its mirroring abilities make watching all those favorite YouTube shows easy and enjoyable, even as you adjust your speed and incline.


5 HP Permanent Magnetic AC motor

The 5.0 HP Continuous Duty AC motor is the best motor available. The motor is extremely powerful, extremely durable and can optimally withstand long-term training at high intensity. Whether you want to walk at a slow pace, jog or run intensively the motor is ready for it.


28+ varied training programs 

With the TR7000iM you won't be done training quickly. It has a total of 28 training programs including heart rate programs, Weight Management programs, Healthy Living programs and Sports training programs. Train goal-oriented, lose weight, get healthy or get on the sporty tour and get the most out of your training. You’ll always find a training program that fits your training goals. Whatever they might be, the maximum speed of 20 km/h and the maximum gradient level of 12% offer you a very challenging and effective workout.


A comfortable and safe training

The running surface has a length of 157 cm and a width of 56 cm to make sure you can walk, jog or run at top speed easily and safely. A long and wide running surface is both suitable to short and tall athletes and makes sure your training is safe and comfortable. Thanks to the 4 Compression Shocks you can train safely with high intensity without straining your knees, joints and back.


LifeSpan is making your life full of health and wellness, by supporting You with cardio exercise machines - ellipticals, exercise bikes, treadmills. LifeSpan is made for everyone especially for cardio fitness training at home. Cheaper price than professional cardio exercise machines, although with the top quality in the market. Keep yourself fit, get in shape, improve health and recover from injuries faster with beautifully designed cardio exercise machines.

The quality of LifeSpan doesn't stop there, they are so sure about their exercise machines, that they even give lifetime guarantee for some of their products, with high class service afterwards. If You want cardio exercise machine at home, then we recommend LifeSpan - cheap and with high quality!

It is our goal to get everyone moving and thus contribute to a healthy and happy life!

LifeSpan Catalogs: can be found here

Founded By: Dave Peters      Headquarters: Salt Lake City, USA     Brand: Founded in 2002


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Drive motor:  5.0 HP Continuous Duty DC

Speed range: 0.8- 20 km/h

Automatic incline: Yes

Roller: 75 mm Crown rollers keep belt centered

Max. incline: -3 until +12

Deck suspensions: 4 Independent Compression Shocks

Side rails: Steel

Bottle cage: Yes

Dimensions: 204.5 x 93.2 x 154.9 cm



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