TriggerPoint Total Body Self-Massage "Soft" Collection

TriggerPoint Total Body Self-Massage "Soft" Collection
  • TriggerPoint Total Body Self-Massage "Soft" Collection

TriggerPoint Total Body Self-Massage "Soft" Collection

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Self-Masage "Soft" Collection

Thinking about buying TriggerPoint Self-Massage products which aren't so dense and are made for all body, we have great offer for You! TriggerPoint Soft Collection offers GRID 1.0, NANO and GRID Ball which are made to release tension and stress in your body while increasing blood and oxygen circulation, to recover faster after trainings or stretch muscles before training. Tense feet, back or neck muscles? No worries, this collection offers TriggerPoint products made for evey part of your body, small muscles and large groups of muscles. Seeing friend who is unsatisfied all the time? This is great gift to free his mind and body for more enjoyable weekdays! Want to know more about theese products, check out theese links - GRID 1.0, NANO, GRID Ball

In The Box:

  • GRID 1.0 (orange)
  • NANO
  • GRID Ball

Triggerpoint - life changing brand focused on empowering people to move and feel better. TriggerPoints design mimics therapists hands, meaning that every massage at home will be similar to massage at therapists office. These self massage tools are made for all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities, so everyone could improve their health at home, gym or outdoors. Triggerpoint is the go-to brand for self-massage products to improve well-being.

Triggerpoint believes that increasing therapy into daily tasks can improve performance, speed, recovery time, and even prevent injuries. Most of the Triggerpoint self-massage tools are made of anatomy-specific foam rollers, which penetrate deep-tissue, making every message count. 

Add TriggerPoint into your daily routine and unlock your body's inner strength!

TriggerPoint Brochure:

Founded By: Cassidy Philips      Headquarters: California, USA      Brand: Founded in 2002


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since 2012



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